My tiles and coasters for the house are like small pictures to brighten a space, whether set on a table, shelf, or a nightstand. Each is its own individual art piece, but I can make sets to order. They add to a sense of place, and help make life beautiful.

I enjoy making them and use many different techniques. In one series I impress antique lace onto the clay. The fine texture of porcelain means that it picks up the impress of even the finest stitching. Others are etched with a sharp tool; a very graphic drawing is created when a dark underglaze has been painted on then wiped off. In another technique I etch a drawing onto a solid-color background so that the drawing shows up crisply white. Lastly, many of the tiles and coasters are like small watercolor paintings -- little scenes painted with a palette of underglazes.

All the tiles and coasters are finished with a clear glaze and high-fired. The surfaces can be wiped clean and will never deteriorate. Hot mugs and cups can be safely set on them and table tops are protected by the plastic studs on the backs. They are very strong, since porcelain is the hardest of all clays.

There is a BUY option to purchase. $45 for the tiles. $40 for the coasters. Shipping is always free throughout the United States. Don't hesitate to contact me if you have any questions.